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Madison Coulter Fine Arts

Garden Hook

Garden Hook

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Weed it, hoe it, grow it!

The ultimate garden tool, every gardener should have one of these in their kit! These fantastic tools are sure to become your favourite and most used garden tools for weeding and planting in the garden! Use the hook for lifting and cutting the roots from under the weeds, and if you are planting in rows make a furrow (small trench) 2-3cm deep depending upon the seed with the back side of the hook! 

I have worked with the team at Hookoe to create this incredible tool for your garden.

  • 100% handmade in New Zealand
  • Solid NZ Beech handle is made from guaranteed sustainably harvested timber
  • The sharpened tine is high carbon steel

If you take care of it, this tool will see out many seasons in the garden!


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