Madison Coulter Fine Art is the creation of Madison Coulter. Madison is a wildlife artist that specialises in capturing nature just as our imaginations do- real, majestic and true to form.

She uses her love of the outdoors, coupled with her amazing life experiences of growing up in the Canadian wilderness to bring her work to life. 

Born from a desire to use her talent as an artist to allow her to work from her home in Geraldine where she raises her two small children with husband Sam, Madison creates a range of pieces for customers spanning the globe. Her range includes the creation of original artwork for nature lovers of their trophys or pets on a commission basis, original works of her own inspiration and she is also developing a beautiful range of design-led homewares and giftware to showcase her beautiful artwork. 

Madison captures the essence of our great outdoors and her clients feel rather special for having her creations in their home. If you would like to see a day in the life of Madison then head over to Instagram and give her a follow!