Meet Madison

Est. 2021

In 2021, with a small baby at home, and a desire to make a career from creating art, Madison began Madison Coulter Fine Art from the kitchen bench (a spot where still loves to draw and paint) of her home in Geraldine, South Canterbury.

Madison has an incredible background, having grown up in the Canadian wilderness before moving to New Zealand to work in the trophy hunting industry, where she met and went on to marry Sam, a farmer and pilot from
Geraldine, Canterbury.

Born from a desire to use her talent as an artist to allow her to work from home while she and Sam raise their family, Madison began to create not only drawings, but cushions, tea towels and ABC prints for children's rooms.

Madison's range has expanded and she now creates a range of art products for customers spanning the globe.

Close To Nature

Madison loves the outdoors. The subjects of her work come to life on the page for you to enjoy. Her inspiration comes from her amazing life experiences including a childhood filled with encounters with wildlife like bears, coyotes and Moose in remote British Colombia, travelling the world, exploring New Zealand and life at home on the farm. 

Her artwork began with drawings of trophy animals prized by hunters, such as Stags, Thar and Chamois. As she began to get more involved with farming and began establishing the gardens on their property in preparation for building their dream home, they too made their way to paper. The inspiration around her has now led to 5 collections of work that represent these influences.

Each collection is a snapshot of her love of all things outdoors, capturing nature just as our imaginations do- real, majestic and true to form.